Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was wonderful. We went to my parent's house for our family tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we woke up early (because of James) but we proceeded to wake up Kevin so the boys could open up their gifts. Afterwards we went to my parent's house once again so we could carpool to Davenport. My cousin is renting a house there and we had a nice family gathering. I didn't take any pictures because my phone died.

There was a nice heated pool and a hot tub in their back yard. Jim and I went swimming with James, Kevin, Kalib, Hayley, Tommy, and Brennan. James swims very well in a floaty swimsuit that he got from Oliver and we have no doubt he'll be a pro swimmer next summer.

Kevin played in the game room with the other kids: Kalib, Oliver, Brennan, Zander, Devin, and Tommy. They even took their Nerf guns outside and shot each other. They all had fun and were very well behaved.

The adults all brought food over for dinner. Aunt Janet made lasagna and garlic bread, Richelle brought over bread as well, Granny made an apple salad, Aunt Renee made peanut butter fudge and barbecue chicken, I brought pumpkin bread, and my mom brought some cheese cakes. Later Katie, Conner, Colt, Charlette, and her boyfriend came. Katie and Charlette both announced that they're pregnant! So exciting! They're both having boys in the Spring.

I'm so blessed to have such a big family that loves get togethers. My cousins, Todd and Ally, hope to make this move permanent within this up coming year. So excited to have them living closer! This really was a nice Christmas! I hope our friends, family, and everyone reading this had a nice Christmas as well.

Granny, Terri, Miles, Renee, Ramona, and Richelle

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Milo David Wilkins

My little nephew has made his grand entrance... Finally :P lol I feel like I too have waited and waited for this little guy to make his grand entrance here... My tween, my best friend, my sister has been trying to get pregnant for a VERY long time and when she had given up all hope of it ever happening she found out she was pregnant... And not just a little bit pregnant, she was almost through her first trimester of pregnancy!

Of course, I was worried about her because she's a small woman, she has nerve pain every day, and suffers from depression. However, despite her health condition, depression, and against all odds she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy ❤ I'm saddened that I couldn't be there to welcome the love of her life and be with her as she "ran the marathon that is labor" as Bekah put it, but we have plans to visit them soon and meet this little dude ❤

So I dedicate this blog to my tween. I have seen you go through some difficult obstacles and I have always wished the world for you because in my dark days it was your voice that I heard and kept me going. I love you, tween and have no doubt you will be a wonderful mother. You already are to so many but now you have one of your own ❤ I love you and can't wait to meet this little guy ❤

And here's some pictures of him, as promised.

Born November 30, 2015 at 14:08;
Weighing 6lbs. 14oz. and 19 1/2 inches long

Was transported to Danville, PA due to a collapsed lung

Now he's happy and healthy at home ❤

Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

My favorite holiday has come and gone and what a great holiday it was! I love this time of year when the air gets cooler and family comes from all over to share this beautiful holiday with you!! This year we celebrated a little differently. My family and I checked into the Disney Movies Resort on Wednesday and stayed until Saturday night. We went to all Disney theme parks, a different one each day. We started with Magic Kingdom and ended with Hollywood Studios. I'm so grateful for my family, the time we spend together, and the memories we are able to make ❤  May we be able to make many more for many many many years to come ❤ And for those reading this blog I hope you had a great Thanksgiving as well ❤

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Catching Up

I know I'm way behind in blogging. We've been very busy. Kevin has started 5th grade and loving it! His favorite subjects are math and science. He's doing well, of course, strictly an Honor Roll student.

Jim is still working for United Fire, still loving it. We're getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving and I'm so excited! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday! Family comes from all over, everyone makes delicious food, and we sit together around the table enjoying each other's company ❤ I love my family and can't wait to celebrate with them!

James is talking more every day. He is still sleeping in our bed and has begun potty training. He hasn't picked it up yet, but we remain patient and positive ☺ He's our sweet little man. He had his 2 1/2 year check-up; he is in the 97th percentile for height and weight! He's our moose!

Anyway, for Halloween we went to Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween. My mom, my Granny, and aunt Renee made costumes for Oliver, Kennedy, and Hayley. Their outfits were gorgeous! Then on the actual day for Halloween Kennedy had her first Homecoming dance ❤ She looked absolutely beautiful!

As for me I'm doing well. I started walking with some of the other mom's from Kevin's school in the mornings. It has greatly helped my anxiety and I hope it helps me lose the baby weight as well.

Life is good! Hard to believe 2015 is coming to a close... But there's still so much to look forward to! Not only Thanksgiving but my Tween, Emma, is due any day now with Baby Milo ❤ So can't wait to meet my twin's little bundle ❤ Pictures will be posted! 😉

Kristoff and Elsa

Pokémon Trainer, Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Kalib, and James

Kennedy ready for her first

My sister decorated her hair

Jim and James ❤

Kevin, Thor, and Kalib ❤

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy 5th Anniversary, Hubby ❤

Married for 5 years! Happy Anniversary to us! It's crazy that after 5 years I still get giddy when he calls, when we kiss, or spend the day together. We're still having fun and enjoying each other's company. I don't know what I would do without him and pray I never have to find out.

Kevin and James both enjoy time with him as well. James runs to him when he hears him open the door as he comes home from work; and Kevin loves spending time with Jim too.

It's hard to believe I'm married to my best friend and that we're still madly in love after five years! I love you hubby! Another year down and eternity to go! Happy Anniversary!! ❤

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Summer Vacation Part 1

As it's not finished and so much has happened this is the first part of our summer vacation. It certainly has been eventful. The day after Jim's birthday we drove to NC to see my Uncle Larry. We usually go in the Spring but the last time we did it was still snowing and my mom didn't like that.

The weather was gorgeous, as always, but soon after we arrived James busted his chin open on the stone steps. I felt awful but, as always, my mom was there to take us to the hospital, hold my hand, and be the level headed one, whereas I'm trying not to cry because my baby is hurt and bleeding... I hate that helpless feeling! But alas after an hour and two stitches later they send us home. (Didn't I say that it's a miracle that James made it to 2 with no stitches?!) He has no fear! Even after the stitches he still climbed the ladder on the bunk beds to play with Kalib and Kevin. We had to lock the door and only allow him in there at bedtime! He was much more cautious around the steps though, thank goodness.

It amazes me how different Kevin and James are! Even at this age! For the Fourth of July we hung out with my Aunt Ramona and Uncle Duane. We had sparklers and watched Uncle Larry's neighbors shoot some fireworks off of their driveway. James chased after the kids with the sparklers and he ran toward the neighbor's house to get a better look at their fireworks! Kevin hated fireworks until he was four! Then Oliver convinced him that they were cool and now he does enjoy them... But he definitely didn't run towards them to get a better look!

After the Fourth of July we drove to Pennsylvania to see our cousins Bekah, Heath, and their baby Adam. Angela and her kids were already there because Oliver and Kennedy were both accepted into Dance Camps. Kevin, James, and I stayed with my best friend from the fifth grade, Jenn and her family. Of course, we also got to visit with Emma who is pregnant with her first child!

We all had a lot of fun! It was a bummer that Jim couldn't be with us though. He stayed behind building shelves, hanging out with Julius, and going to work. However, we called and skyped with each other at least once a day. When we got back home James was so happy to see his daddy that he hugged him and would not let go for at least five minutes. Of course, Kevin really missed him too and towards the end of our trip talked of nothing else but wrapping Jim in a giant hug before he did anything else.

Here are some things we did on our trip...

Kids hanging out in the bedroom once we got to Larry's...

After he got stitches in his chin
My mom and I took the boys to a place where they got to do bumper boats...

Go carts...

And miniature golf.

My dad enjoys history so one day we went to the Kings Mountain National Military Park.

We packed a picnic and went on a hike.

The Fourth of July -
We went to Shelby Park where they had an indoor DJ, bouncy houses, and games. The kids also got to ride the train and the carousel.

All the fun wore him out
 After the park and Aunt Ramona's we went back to Uncle Larry's for dinner, smores, sparklers, and fireworks.


Our first outing was to Olive Garden. Jim doesn't really care for it but Kevin and I both love it ❤

Jenn thinned out Kevin's hair

We got to meet Adam...

And here is James happy to be home with daddy ❤

So as you can see it was a ton of fun but we're glad to be back home with our Jimbob ❤

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Birthday, Hubby ❤

Today was my Dear Hubby's 32nd birthday. Hard to believe that I've known him for half of my life now. We met in Daytona at a Drill meet for ROTC. Jim and my brother were both members. I went with my parents to support my brother completely unaware of how important this day would be ❤ He has completely changed my life around and I'm forever grateful ❤

Jim is the sweetest most understanding and supportive man I have ever known, besides my father. He loved Kevin the second they met and his meeting James was no different. He held my hand as we looked at the ultrasound screen and I looked at Jim in time to see his face filled with love and admiration. He held my hand once more when James was born and I saw silent proud tears fall from his eyes; and we both cried tears of fear when James was taken to the NICU as we didn't know what to expect.

In times of crisis Jim is my rock and I like to believe that I am his when he needs me. He is everything that I have ever wanted and more. He knows my thoughts before I say them and whether we are talking on the phone or in person he knows my emotions too. He is my best friend, my soul mate, and I'm so glad he's mine.

Happy Birthday, my Love ❤ I hope you enjoyed your birthday and your presents. May we have many more birthdays to celebrate together ❤ I love you so much! ❤

The kids came to celebrate Jim's birthday

We only had a 1 candle 😜

 Once again he was asleep ☺

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Mom

I know I praise my dad a lot and I'm a little late but I want to dedicate this blog to my mom. Without her I would not be here. She comes from a messed up childhood too but she raised us well and picked a great guy to be our father.

My mom married my dad knowing that he was going into the Air Force. She gave my dad four healthy babies even though at times he worked crazy hours and was raising them by herself. My siblings and I were a challenge for her but whenever we needed her she was always in our corner, ready to fight for us or support us.

It's rare to have one good parent but my siblings and I are lucky because we have two. I love you, mom! Happy belated Mother's Day ❤

I'm thankful for you and the sacrifices you made for us. You helped show me what kind of mother I want to be for my children and you are an amazing grandmother to them as well! ❤ We love you ❤

My parents dating in 1972

My parents are getting ready to celebrate 40 years
Of marriage, they have 4 kids and 6 grandkids

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Ten and a Half Years Later...

It's almost eleven years since the Xbox murders and I still cry when I think about that horrific day... It was 2004 I was 19 almost 20, still living with my parents, working at Target as a cashier, and dating Nathan... We had heard about the murders but the victims were beaten with baseball bats and their bodies so badly mutilated that doctors had to use dental records to identify them... So it happened in Deltona, I thought, it's not going to be someone I know, right? Oh, how wrong and naive I was! Not only did I know someone, I knew two of the victims!!!

The first one I read about was Jonathan Gleason, he was 17. He went to the same church as me, we had mutual friends, but it wasn't until I tried fixing him up with my cousin, Emma, that I really got to know him. He was the guy who befriended everyone, regardless of your social status. His goal was to make people laugh and cheer up the sad, which is how I initially knew him. He cheered me up at a young adult meeting at the church and we were acquaintances after that. We said hello or waved at each other in hallways. Then he and his family helped my grandparents pack up their house on Karlo Court and I got to know him better. We liked the same music, I learned that he was in a band; he played the guitar and was their lead vocals and they performed at a small place in downtown Deland. Sadly I never got to see him play but I did attend some of his plays. He was always brilliant! The last play I saw him in was The Tales of Huckleberry Finn where he played Injun Joe, but I still have memories of him sneaking into my drama class as well when we had a substitute teacher. He was well liked and an awesome individual! One I'm proud to call a friend. His death was tragic and when I hear about it I still feel breathless and waiting to hear that this was a cruel joke...

The other victim I knew was Michelle Nathan. I didn't know her as long or as well as Jonathan. We became friends because we hung out with the same crowds and we both loved Blink 182. We ate lunch together and hung out at school, but sadly after I graduated we lost touch. Still my heart ached when I read about what happened to her and I cried for her as well as the other victims. I attended hers and Jonathan's funeral... They were both beautiful people who loved making others laugh! They were both energetic, outgoing, and weren't afraid to say what was on their minds!

Ten and a half years later... They're gone but their memory and the life they left behind lives on...

Anyway, I went off on a tangent, today one of the murderers finally got the death penalty! I just don't understand our justice system! Four men invaded a house with baseball bats and knives and killed six people!! Why are they just now getting their "justice"??! What about the families, the friends, the victims??? Ugh. So disgusted by our justice system. All four men should receive the death penalty, not just two.... Six loved ones were taken, their futures ended, their loved ones left without answers or any real comfort. Instead every day we carry memories, we feel hollow, and miss those who were taken...

Monday, April 27, 2015

Happy Birthday, James ❤

Birthday weekend was a success! We celebrated our baby Jamesers turning 2. I can't believe how big he has gotten! He is 35 pounds and 38 inches tall! He's as big as a 3 year old! No doubt he'll be tall just like his big brother!!!

He still loves water! My mom found the perfect toy for him. You pour water into it and James splashes it, like a water-table. He loves Curious George, books, songs, Mater, baths, the beach, and pools. Also, his brother recently started playing Soccer and James loves to watch his games.

We can't believe how fast our little man is growing! Seems like only yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital and now we're celebrating his second birthday!! Just crazy how fast time flies!

Here's some pictures from our weekend:

We love you, James ❤ You have given our lives so much joy!!! ❤❤❤