Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 2005

So about seven years ago when I discovered that I was vomiting and having "growing pains" because I was in the first trimester of pregnancy, not because it was Appendicitis, this was the day the doctors gave me as my due date for my little Kevin. They said April 20, 2005. But much to my surprise and delight he came earlier.

It was not like any other childbirth, however. I remember laying in my parents recliner watching television with my sister-in-law complaining of a headache... Then I blacked out and could feel my legs shake as I had a tremor aka a small seizure. I immediately went into panic mode as I feared for my little baby. I knew that legs tremors were always a warning that a grandmal seizure is coming... I called out to my parents and they helped me off the recliner and into my sisters car. They rushed me to the ER and my mom called before hand to tell them what had happened.

Once at the hospital there were nurses there waiting for me with a wheelchair and they wheeled me into a room. Dr. Gizaw, a Neurologist, came into the room shortly after. There was a lot of commotion as the nurses got me out of the bed so they could wheel me upstairs to have an ultrasound to make sure baby Kevin was okay. However, Dr. Gizaw put a stop to this. He said I was not to leave the room, had the nurses help me back into bed, and stated to everyone that the ultrasound would be brought to me. Oh, I was so happy and relieved that I could have hugged and kissed the doctor!

The nurses brought the ultrasound machine to me and checked on baby Kevin. Much to everyone's relief he was alive and unharmed. Dr. Gizaw then proceeded to have my bloodwork checked to see if my anti-seizure medications were low... Soon they discovered that they were VERY low! The doctor that I had been seeing never updated my medications or checked my levels after I became pregnant. He didn't feel the need to and I was so frustrated at him! However, Dr. Gizaw handled the situation very professionally. After the results came back he very promptly told me of his plan to help get my levels back up. I was to stay in the hospital and remain on bed rest until the levels were where they needed to be.

Over the next few days I felt like a lab-rat. The doctors and nurses would wake me up twice in the morning to draw blood and to give me a stronger dose of anti-seizure medications. My mom was a trooper and stayed at the hospital with me so I wouldn't be alone.

After my blood work showed that my results were normal the doctors wanted to discharge me and "let nature take its course", however, I was so afraid that my levels would drop once again and maybe next time it would be worse... Maybe if it happens again I would lose my son... I was so angry and upset that I started to cry... Then another doctor walked in and after seeing my despair said, "we could induce you if you would like? Sometimes it doesn't work, but we could try. Is that an option that you would be interested in?" I smiled and nodded. Then he told me they would proceed at ten o'clock that very night and that I was not able to eat after a certain hour. So my dad asked what I would like my "last meal" to be and I already knew the answer "Quiznos".

They induced me a few hours later after having ate my Quiznos sub. I started having contractions late/early morning. It was so uncomfortable that I could not sleep. My mother was still with me helping me through the pain by talking to me, telling stories, and sometimes she would sing... Lol

The nurses came in to check on me periodically and told me I could take some medication for the pain. At first I declined thinking I could do it naturally without medication but the nurse must have seen my discomfort and added, "you don't need to be superwoman," so then of course I accepted and she administered some medication. It kicked in shortly after and I was finally able to get a little bit of sleep. I had dreams about being at Disney with my aunt, my uncle, and cousin Katie. My cousin wanted to keep shopping at all the stores and as I was pregnant I didn't want to shop anymore. My mother said that I talked in my sleep and exclaimed, "I don't want to go shopping". Lol

Kevin Michael was born April 8, 2005, on my Granny's 73rd birthday at 15:29. He was two weeks early and weighed 8.12 pounds and was 20.9 inches long! My little miracle! I went through so much to get him here and am so happy that he is still a happy and healthy boy:)

There aren't enough words or time in the day to say how happy I am and how grateful I am to have him on my life. He is my miracle! Thank you, Lord, for sending him to ME :D