Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Grandpa Wayne

This year has been rough.  It even started out rough! Within the first few months Jim's Grandpa, who is more like a second dad to both of us, was diagnosed with cancer. He was weak and unable to leave the house and finally Grandma Kay persuaded him to go to the doctor's. They did all kinds of tests and found he had bone cancer. We all took it hard! Jim and I debated if we should even mention anything to Kevin. We waited a few days before we finally told him. He took it hard, as we anticipated, but he wanted to do something for him so we all made him a Get Well Soon card. I thought we were just going to make one card but Kevin made his own. When I read it I bawled like a baby and so did Grandma Kay.

Jim and I were barely able to articulate how we felt and Kevin wrote it so beautifully ❤

Grandpa Wayne has had chemo, radiation, and surgery. The doctors found that his cancer originated in his prostate, so that was surgically removed before starting chemo. However, the cancer has migrated into his bones. The prognosis doesn't look good. The chemo and radiation will lengthen his life. Not cure him.

We have been to their house a few times to visit, or sometimes Kevin will go to help out with chores, and each time Grandpa was his usual self. He is very witty, sarcastic, likes to debate, loves hard work, and loves his family. Every time we see him he has a smile on his face. He's not getting around as well as he used to and he's a lot thinner and paler but his wit is still the same. During one of our visits he was comparing his arm to mine. I have a partial sleeve (tattoo) on my left arm and Grandpa has broken blood vessels from his chemo. He smiled, "Look I'm having work done on my arm too! I bet mine's more expensive!"

He's the sweetest old man I've ever known! I don't remember my dad's dad much. He died when I was 8 or so. My mom's dad was grumpy. I don't have a lot of happy memories of him... However, I met Jim's Grandpa shortly after we started dating. We took Kevin there to go swimming. He won their hearts right away with his good manners, his intelligence, and his cuteness too, of course.

Grandpa would get out his car collection for Kevin and let him play with them. That was something they both loved. Grandpa even had old cars that he'd show off at the local car shows in Deland. Jim drove Kevin around in one of them. Kevin loved it!

Jim's grandparents rent out houses now that they're retired. We helped them fix up one in Deland for us and then one in De Leon Springs. We've lived here for 6 years! They bought us the appliances, the carpet, Jim helped Grandpa with the wooden floors... They've really done a lot for us and we love them for it all!

Now Grandpa is done with chemo and radiation. We hear he isn't doing too well but I hope that he rebounds. We all love Grandpa Wayne and are so thankful for everything that he has done for us!

Grandpa Wayne and James;
James' 1st Thanksgiving 

Grandma Kay and Granpa Wayne;
June 2016

This blog is for you, Grandpa! We love you! We all want you to get better! ❤😘

Jim, Heather, Kevin, and James ❤