Wednesday, May 20, 2015

My Mom

I know I praise my dad a lot and I'm a little late but I want to dedicate this blog to my mom. Without her I would not be here. She comes from a messed up childhood too but she raised us well and picked a great guy to be our father.

My mom married my dad knowing that he was going into the Air Force. She gave my dad four healthy babies even though at times he worked crazy hours and was raising them by herself. My siblings and I were a challenge for her but whenever we needed her she was always in our corner, ready to fight for us or support us.

It's rare to have one good parent but my siblings and I are lucky because we have two. I love you, mom! Happy belated Mother's Day ❤

I'm thankful for you and the sacrifices you made for us. You helped show me what kind of mother I want to be for my children and you are an amazing grandmother to them as well! ❤ We love you ❤

My parents dating in 1972

My parents are getting ready to celebrate 40 years
Of marriage, they have 4 kids and 6 grandkids