Tuesday, January 5, 2016


2015 didn't go as I intended. I went off my meds at the end of 2014 and went back on them a few months later. Every day is a battle and I learn that what I thought was depression in high school is nothing compared to now. However, I won't let it beat me! I'm so grateful for my blessings!

At the top of the list is my family. James, Kevin, and I got to bring in the New Year with Jim and I was so grateful for that! He is always on call for New Year and it was no different this time, however, he didn't get called out so we were able to light bottle rockets from off the driveway. James loves fireworks! He covered his ears but still wore a big smile on his face and shouted "awesome" when they were done.

Kevin enjoyed his winter vacation, of course, but felt it went by too quickly. He got almost everything he wanted for Christmas and a few things he wasn't expecting. James really got into opening up presents so it was a lot of fun to see him get so excited when he'd open car after car.

Jim has been loving his job more than usual lately and so it's helping with his stress. Unfortunately 2015 brought a lot of family drama... However, his job has him working at the space center in Cape Canaveral so it has been helping his stress. A few times the workers gave him a behind the scenes tour and Jim's inner nerd was elated! :) So proud of my hubby :) I love him more than words can say ❤

My favorite parts of 2015... Hanging out with family and going to Disney for Thanksgiving ❤  How blessed I am to live near my family and that we all get along. So from our family to yours Happy New Year!