Saturday, February 8, 2014

Much to celebrate

     So there's been much to celebrate lately.  James started walking on his nine month birthday (Jan 22, 2014); last night at my parent's' house, James said his third word "hi" to Grandma Terri and cousin Hayley; his first word was "dadda" and shortly after "maw".

     At James' last doctor appointment he measured 31" and weighed 26 pounds! He's in the 97th percentile, which makes him the size of a 14 month old! Also they rechecked his heart and I'm happy to report that he has NO heart murmur!!!! Yay!!!!  He is growing like a weed and is trying to do everything his big brother can do!  He refuses to eat baby food so we have to make him a baby plate of whatever we are eating... And he only has one tooth...  He's also very stubborn, but a sweetheart nonetheless.  Every day is an adventure for him; and Jim, Kevin, and I love him immensely!

     Rob and Anna, Jim's parents, are moving into his grandparents old house and his grandparents are moving into a new house!  Plus there's a lot of babies being born and/or due this year! Also Julius is moving from Georgia to Oklahoma for a better job!  Yep, this is an exciting year!

My cousin Sammy and his son Chase

James about to walk off

Bekah, Emma, and Adam

Oliver's first dance competition and he brought home the gold!

My cousins, Lizz and Ben, are expecting their baby boy this March

And my cousins Katie and Colt are expecting their first baby in July!

     Yep, thus far there's a lot to celebrate and my family and I are ecstatic! So here's to a great start to 2014!  I pray that all our friends, family, and whoever is reading this is as happy as we are.