Monday, May 9, 2016

For My Mom on Mother's Day

With another Mother's Day passed I can't help but feel grateful for my mom, a mom to celebrate. I read blogs about women who didn't or don't have a good relationship with their mother or perhaps their mother is dead to them. How blessed I am to have Terri Angela Fish as my mother!

She never chose a man over her kids, she never had a drug addiction, and she chose a good man to be her husband and the father of her children!

As I got older I learned that her childhood was similar to mine; we both had a traumatic experience in our youth, and when my mom learned of mine she didn't tell me I was lying, she didn't make an excuse for the pervert, instead she put me in counseling and gave me the best advice that she could.

She parented the only way she knew how. To be a helicopter-mom. Some might look down on her for that, but my siblings and I knew that she always was in our corner. When we were being bullied she did whatever she could so that we'd be safe, when we were having an unfair discipline at school she was in our corner helping us fight our battle!

Not to say her kids were perfect and that we were never disciplined. When we messed up we definitely knew it! She'd tell us and we'd be grounded. She knew what her kids liked and how to punish us; for me it was my music so when I messed up she took my music away. Her kids were challenging! I am the youngest of four and I was rebellious. I didn't want to attend church on Sunday, I snuck out of the house, I had my tongue pierced by a friend in high school...  Things I knew she disapproved of. I know I was the cause for sleepless nights and quite a few gray hairs on my mother's head... However, she still loved her only brown haired, brown eyed daughter unconditionally, and saw her potential even when I couldn't see it.

She never squashed our dreams or told us that our dreams were out of reach. She did her best at reminding us of what our strengths were and that she loved us.

I know I was not an easy kid but I am so grateful that she never gave up on me! It's because of her that I know what kind of mom I want to be! Now her love goes beyond her children and extends to her grandchildren!

I love you, mom! I'm so grateful for everything you've done for our family and everything you continue to do for us as well! You are one of the most selfless mothers I know and I'm so grateful you're mine ❤ I love you ❤ I wish we were rich so I could've spoiled you for Mother's Day and every day like you deserve ❤ Happy Mother's Day ❤