Saturday, April 13, 2013

8 Years!!!

     So it's finally happened.... I am a mother of an eight year old boy =P  I don't know why, maybe it's the hormones, but this birthday really hit me.  I really tried to be strong and not bawl, but secretly that's what I wanted to do.  I can remember my baby boy waking me up every two hours to be fed, rocking him back to sleep, and I remember all the sweet moments that have brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my face.  Every day is an adventure with him and I am so grateful to be a mother!  Never in my youth did I think that I would want this, kids and a family, but God knew what He was doing when He blessed me with my first miracle: Kevin <3

     So to those who don't know 8 years old is an important age for LDS children.  It is this year that a child may be baptized and be accepted into the church.  Kevin, of course, wants this very much and I always knew that this day was coming...  Now that it's here I just want Kevin to have the most amazing experience that a young boy could ask for.  I was baptized by my father in Okinawa, Japan.  I didn't have a testimony at the time but I knew that my parents did and I wanted them to be proud of me.  That's why I got baptized... However, I remember it being so cold in the church but shortly after my father and other priest hold members put their hands on my head I remember feeling very warm and a feeling that my Heavenly Father was proud of me too.  That's when my testimony started to grow.

     Kevin is very special to me as he is a part of me.  I want these experiences for him and it's heart warming when he wants them for himself, not just for me or his dad.  I can't wait to see him baptized and the choices that he will make as he continues on his own path of life.  Every day that passes I continue to love him more and more.  I know that my love for him will never cease nor the pride that I have in my heart for him.  He is everything that I have ever wanted in a son.  I know James is too.  He's not born yet and I love him and I want what's best for him as well!

     So back to Kevin.  Jim and I went all out for Kevin's 8th Birthday.  We went with a Pokemon theme, if you knew Kevin you'd understand.  We invited family and friends to be there and we had a great turnout!  Some people who couldn't be there even sent cards and/or presents to Kevin for his special day.  I know Kevin was very touched by all of it as he felt the love for him by his friends.  The gifts were just a bonus to Kevin.  What he loved the most was having his family and friends there to celebrate him.

     Little Kevin, I love you!  I am so grateful to have you as my son!  I love the moments when I get to witness your smarts, your growth, your humor, and your love for everyone around you!  You have such a kind heart and I pray that you will always be my kind little guy.  I know right now that you don't like school very much but I hope that next year will be more challenging and give you back your eagerness to learn.  I hope that you know that you can always talk to me about anything and that you are always welcome to sleep on our bedroom floor.  Having a new baby does not mean that we are subtracting you in our life in anyway!  What it means is that our family is getting bigger and more people to love!  I have no doubt that James will love, respect, and honor his big brother!  He's going to be following you around so much because he's going to want to be just like you!  We love you, Kevin!  Happy Birthday! ~ Mommy, Jim, and Baby James