Saturday, February 9, 2013

Final Stretch aka Third Trimester!!

So to all those who are concerned, Baby James is happy and healthy :)  He is now 3.2 pounds and over 14 inches long.  We are growing even more excited to see our little bundle of joy.  His room is setup and awaiting for Baby James to fill it.

However, we're anticipating what kind of delivery he will be.  James' big brother Kevin was born with shoulder dystocia so the doctors have warned us that a cesarean may be in our future.  Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that Baby James will be a much easier delivery.  The doctors are different, of course, but I will still be delivering in Sanford, where Kevin and his cousins, all but Kalib, were born.  Jim and I went to tour the labor and delivery floor and it is awesome!  It pretty much looks the same, but it has been remodeled and refurnished, plus all the nurses are now required to wear pink scrubs with a white top underneath.  This is so that they can be easily identified as baby nurses.  My ever caring and concerned hubby just worries about the drive because we live 45 minutes away.  I try telling him that there's more to labor and a lot of waiting but as this is his first time going through this process it goes in one ear and out the other.

So why the name James and what will he be called?  James is named after his dad, obviously, but it is also a family name.  Jim's grandpa is James Robert, his father is Robert James, and Jim is James Adam.  So it's 3, or 4, generations in one, however, you want to look at it.  James' middle name is Odin after the Norse god.  Jim and I both have a passion for mythology (me more so the Greek, Jim the Norse gods) and why you ask?  Odin is the chief god of Norse mythology and the father of Thor.  Could be worse.  Jim could have named him after Star Trek or Doctor Who.  LOL  I plan on calling him Baby James or just James, Grandma Anna wants to call him JJ, Jim wants to call him Odin, and big brother Kevin wants to call him JJ.  So he will have a lot of nicknames just like Jim.

Everything is going well.  No seizures.  Baby James practices gymnastics in the morning, in the car, in the afternoon, and when my head hits the pillow.  This week I have started being monitored to make sure that Baby James will continue to grow healthy and big.  I have also taken my second glucose test as I have failed my first, ICK!  Hoping that I hear good news Monday but if not then I'll speak with the doctor and have a more strict diet.

But nothing can keep this family of three down!  We are happily/anxiously waiting for our newest member!  I think this baby is going to look more like his daddy :)  When we went to have the ultrasound done she was taken aback by his cute features.  He has a tiny nose like his daddy Jim and big cheeks like his momma.  We love you, little man!  Can't wait to hear your cries, your coos, and of course, we can't wait to hold you in our arms and watch you sleep!  And we have less than 79 days to go!  Woohoo!  We're in for the final stretch now!