Monday, March 10, 2014

Memories of Big Daddy

     So today has been a week since my Grandpa, Big Daddy, passed away.  We had a wake service for him at Granny's... It was really nice.  A lot of family got together and we shared our favorite memories...

He wore a tuxedo to my mom's first birthday party.  She's his oldest daughter.

He taught my mother how to write her name.

He had blue eyes and passed that trait down to his kids.

He used to flash the porch lights on and off while my dad kissed my mom goodnight at the end of a date.

He used to take long naps with baby Oliver sleeping on his belly.

He and Granny took me on their trip to Illinois when I was 13.

He was at Kalib's baptism and said the opening prayer.

He let Jim and I get married in their backyard.

He always had projects that needed to be done.

He always said "Hey, Heather, how's the weather".

And he always said pc, precious cargo, and meant it.

     He is greatly missed!  I'm thankful for the time I got with him and for the memories that were made.

     His funeral is this Wednesday... I know it'll be tough.  He is having a military burial as he served our country for 22 years.

     RIP, Big Daddy.  I hope your soul is at peace.

Sidney Issac Richard

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


     It affects all of us differently... And even though the nurses foretold us that my Grandpa, Big Daddy aka Sidney Issac Richard, Sr, would not be alive this weekend... I still didn't think or want to believe he would pass this quickly...

     In January he was hospitalized with a systemic infection and his body didn't respond to the antibiotics...  He was hospitalized again in February and was sent home with a hospital bed... Still we had hoped he would be strong enough to fight off this infection...

     He passed away earlier this afternoon in the comfort of his room that he shared with my Granny, Jacqueline Richard.  She was very upset, of course, as she and Big Daddy spent 60 + years together.  They met in high school and even went on a few dates together.

     He and Granny were married for 60 years.  They have 5 children together, 21 grandchildren, and 33 great-grandchildren.
     Though at times we maybe didn't see eye to eye, his heart was in the right place.  I will miss his compliments, playing card games for hours on end, the trips he and Granny took me on, and visiting The Villages which always lead to him treating us to ice cream at Ollies and dancing at the town square.

     I know he will be greatly missed and I know at times I will cry as I think about all the things he will miss.  However, I am glad that he got to meet baby James as I know that babies have always brought him joy.  I'm also thankful to him for letting Jim and I marry in his backyard.

     Big Daddy, thank you for the memories, the kindness you showed, and everything you taught us.  You will be missed and I love you. RIP

Sidney Issac Richard, Sr. 01/09/1930-03/04/2014

Beloved husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, brother, and uncle.

Granny & Big Daddy

Big Daddy & baby Kevin at The Villages