Saturday, September 23, 2017

For Our Grandpa

I like to think I am a good writer but when it comes to writing to you... or what I would like to say to you... I find that words fail me. Like in Boston Legal when Alan Shore is stressed and talks gibberish in the episode Word Salad Days.  Anyway, Grandpa, I love you and I miss you. There is no doubt in my mind that it was you and Grandma who shaped my husband into who he is today. I know that you're both proud of him and I am so grateful for that. Thank you for being there for my hubby and for helping in raising him.

When I first met you I didn't know that you were Rob's stepdad. You didn't treat him any differently from your other kids. And it was the same with Kevin and I. You immediately took us into your hearts and treated us like family. Whenever Jim and I needed help you never complained you just showed up. You always showed up.

I know we were all hoping that you'd beat cancer. That you'd still be with us now. It was Kevin who had the idea to make you a card. I thought we were just going to do one so I started on it. Not knowing that Kevin made his own and his was better as it was from the heart.

I love you. I remember coming home from work, the look on Jim's face when he told me the news 💔 Few things you never forget and I know that moment will be one.

I think you held on to prepare Grandma. She's doing okay. As good as can be expected. I know you'll watch over her and comfort her the best you can. I know she'll be all right but we'll always miss you Grandpa. You were one of a kind.

I think you would've been pleased with the service as well as the family and friends who came to share memories and celebrate your life. We love you and we miss you! Until we see you again.

~Jim, Heather, Kevin, and James

Pics from the Memorial

James and I 💖

Kevin and Alani

My boys and I 💖

Jim with James

Kevin and Jim 💖

Alani, Bobby, Kevin, and Jim

Rob and Anna with Jim and Bobby

Grandma Kay and Kevin
You will forever be missed Grandpa 💔 We'll always miss hearing your stories from the military, playing card games with you, laughing with you as you told jokes or showed off your quick wit 💖 We'll miss your big heart and you telling us about cars. We'll miss your hugs, your voice, and your very being 💔

Thank you for letting me into your family and loving me as one of your own. You have impacted all of our lives so much! 💖 I hope wherever you are that you know you are loved and were loved. You have made so many lives better by just being you, so again I say thank you and I love you. Until we meet again, Grandpa 💖

Friday, September 8, 2017

Happy 7th Anniversary 💖

My hubby and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 4th. I love my hubby 💖 He puts up with me, hugs me through my meltdowns, and loves and provides for our sons. He always puts our families needs above his own 💖 Our boys and I are so lucky to have him. So happy Anniversary, hubby 💖 May we have many more 🥂🎉

Here's a video I made for him 💖

Thursday, July 27, 2017

For Grandpa

For you, Grandpa 💖

My father-in-law has lost his hard fought  battle with cancer. Wayne Adams was a courageous man who never gave up.  He came into my life in 1980 and never treated me as anything less than a daughter.  He was the dad I never had. He will be missed more than I can say.

  I love you, may you rest in peace.
            WAYNE ADAMS
June 5, 1938 to July 20, 2017.   - Anna Panko

June 5th 1938-july 20th 2017
You lived a long exciting life, Even though you're passing was not unexpected, It was still a great loss to this family. You were an amazing man and we love you terribly, we will forever think of you and hold you in our heart, I'm so sorry I did not say goodbye in person .... but this is my goodbye I will miss you so much  and will forever keep you in my heart ❤   - Alani Serrano

Lost my Hero today,
Rest In Peace.

OOORAH – It’s a Marine Thang!” - Robert Panko

Miss you, Grandpa. I woke up with this song in my head (Life Ain't Always Beautiful). I didn't get to build as many memories with you as I would've liked... but I remember first meeting you. You accepted Kevin and I into your family right away. You loved cars and you loved helping people. You helped out our family on numerous occasions. I loved going to your house and playing cards all while laughing and sharing stories. I loved swimming in your pool with my boys. I loved your quick wit and I miss your jokes. I'm sad that James won't remember you, I'm sad that Kevin won't have as many memories or get to hear your stories. I love you, Grandpa. You helped mold my husband into who he is. He has your quick wit and loves to help people too. You are a beautiful person who left us too soon, in my opinion. 💔  - Heather Panko

RIP, Grandpa

I've been slacking with writing lately. I've made some ambiguous posts on Twitter and I posted two songs on Facebook... if I texted you or if you're on Facebook then you know Jim's grandpa passed on 7/20. I came home from work and found Jim on our bed. He gave me the news.

Grandpa lost his battle to cancer. I've been listening to Taylor Swift's song Ronan, Gary Allan's Life Ain't Always Beautiful, and The Beatles' song In My Life. It helps. I just put them on repeat. To me they all speak of someone who is loved and who has died.

Grandpa was a good man. He always liked to help people, he spoke his mind, he was funny and witty, and he loved family above all else. He was a great man, a wonderful man. He accepted Kevin and I into the family right away. Helped us with our first and second homes. He and Grandma had us over to their house to go swimming, to play cards, to hang out, go out to eat, and for holidays.

He has done so much for our family and yet I can't believe he's really gone. The next time we see Grandma it will be without Grandpa. Breaks my heart. James will never remember him and Kevin won't have as many memories or stories to tell of Grandpa as I do. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you lose someone you love. You must learn to carry on without them as the world continues to turn. I hate death. I hate cancer. They always claim the people I love too soon. 💔💔💔💔

Monday, June 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Hubby 🎂💖

Yesterday was my hubby's birthday. We didn't do anything special because we celebrated his birthday on Saturday. We went to Longhorn Steakhouse and then came back home for cake and ice cream. I made him a chocolate cake with homemade icing because that's his favorite. From what I could tell, he loved it 💖

Jim goes above and beyond for our family. Making sure we have everything that we need and that our needs are met. He is positively wonderful! He is my best friend, my rock! Our boys and I are so blessed to have him in our lives 💖

Having dinner at Longhorn

Opening presents

Singing to the birthday boy

He wanted to blow the candles out

So then we let him 💖
My hubby takes such good care of us. For that I will always be eternally grateful. I love you so very much, hubby. Happy Birthday 💖🎂

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Happy Birthday, Kennedy 🎂

She's one of my favorite people. She's beautiful outside as well as on the inside. She loves her family, learning, kids, books, music, and dancing. She's confident in herself and her abilities. She tries to comfort those around her and knows what to say to her loved ones to make them smile.

She is the oldest grandchild on our family's side and the first born girl on both sides. She is a ray of sunshine wherever she goes. She likes challenges, she's outgoing, she's funny, she's talented, and motivated. Whatever she puts her mind to she conquers and I'm just so glad that she's family.

I love you, Kennedy! I hope this day and this year is everything that you want it to be! You're a remarkable young lady and I am so honored to be your aunt! I miss you so very much and am sad that we can't be there for your birthday, but I hope you know that you are loved and we're thinking of you today!

Pictures from the past few years:
 Kennedy (12 yrs) and James (11 mos)

 After her dance recitals

Before her first homecoming

When she turned 15

Celebrating Kalib's birthday

Celebrating Oliver's 12th birthday

New year's eve 2016

Went to St. Augustine

Kennedy and Milo

She got her braces off

Celebrating her 16th birthday

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy Birthday, James 💖

Happy 4th birthday, James! Mommy and daddy love you so much!

James with his toys
from mama and dadda

With his ice cream cake

Sweet brothers 💖

Silly boy

Daddy and James

Our little Superman

He loves Chuggington

His Thomas tent

He loves trains

His big boy hair cut

Happy 4th Birthday to our Bugaboo 💖 You have added so much joy to our lives! Thank you for joining our family 💖 I hope the years slow down now and this year is everything you want it to be 💖 Love, your mama, daddy, and Kevin 💖