Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy 4th Anniversary!

     Four years ago today I married my best friend and my soul mate. It's not always easy. We've had our share of disagreements and our love has been tested. However, everything that we've been through has only made us stronger.  Our love for one another always sees us through and because of it our journey is an adventure.

     Here are some highlights from the past four years:

One of our dates at St. Augustine
Here we are in front of the love tree. It is rumored that if you take a picture in front of the tree that you will be together forever.
Our engagement photo
Newly weds
Our goofy quirks make us perfect for each other

We always make time for family.
Disney Quest
We're a Disney family, what can I say?
Our family growing from three to four
Our family complete
James's first trip to Disney

My hubby and Baby James ❤

     Happy Anniversary my Love.  May we have 100 more!  I love you so very much!  You have brought so much happiness into my life ❤