Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas was wonderful. We went to my parent's house for our family tradition to open presents on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day we woke up early (because of James) but we proceeded to wake up Kevin so the boys could open up their gifts. Afterwards we went to my parent's house once again so we could carpool to Davenport. My cousin is renting a house there and we had a nice family gathering. I didn't take any pictures because my phone died.

There was a nice heated pool and a hot tub in their back yard. Jim and I went swimming with James, Kevin, Kalib, Hayley, Tommy, and Brennan. James swims very well in a floaty swimsuit that he got from Oliver and we have no doubt he'll be a pro swimmer next summer.

Kevin played in the game room with the other kids: Kalib, Oliver, Brennan, Zander, Devin, and Tommy. They even took their Nerf guns outside and shot each other. They all had fun and were very well behaved.

The adults all brought food over for dinner. Aunt Janet made lasagna and garlic bread, Richelle brought over bread as well, Granny made an apple salad, Aunt Renee made peanut butter fudge and barbecue chicken, I brought pumpkin bread, and my mom brought some cheese cakes. Later Katie, Conner, Colt, Charlette, and her boyfriend came. Katie and Charlette both announced that they're pregnant! So exciting! They're both having boys in the Spring.

I'm so blessed to have such a big family that loves get togethers. My cousins, Todd and Ally, hope to make this move permanent within this up coming year. So excited to have them living closer! This really was a nice Christmas! I hope our friends, family, and everyone reading this had a nice Christmas as well.

Granny, Terri, Miles, Renee, Ramona, and Richelle

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Milo David Wilkins

My little nephew has made his grand entrance... Finally :P lol I feel like I too have waited and waited for this little guy to make his grand entrance here... My tween, my best friend, my sister has been trying to get pregnant for a VERY long time and when she had given up all hope of it ever happening she found out she was pregnant... And not just a little bit pregnant, she was almost through her first trimester of pregnancy!

Of course, I was worried about her because she's a small woman, she has nerve pain every day, and suffers from depression. However, despite her health condition, depression, and against all odds she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy ❤ I'm saddened that I couldn't be there to welcome the love of her life and be with her as she "ran the marathon that is labor" as Bekah put it, but we have plans to visit them soon and meet this little dude ❤

So I dedicate this blog to my tween. I have seen you go through some difficult obstacles and I have always wished the world for you because in my dark days it was your voice that I heard and kept me going. I love you, tween and have no doubt you will be a wonderful mother. You already are to so many but now you have one of your own ❤ I love you and can't wait to meet this little guy ❤

And here's some pictures of him, as promised.

Born November 30, 2015 at 14:08;
Weighing 6lbs. 14oz. and 19 1/2 inches long

Was transported to Danville, PA due to a collapsed lung

Now he's happy and healthy at home ❤