Saturday, March 18, 2017

New Chapter

I know I haven't wrote anything in quite sometime but it's because we're entering into a new chapter.  My hubby and I have always talked about living in the snow and last year when we visited my family in Pennsylvania we decided to go for it.  My hubby put resumes out there and wouldn't you know it he got dozens of calls.  He got some really great offers but only two interested my hubby.  After doing some research he took the second job.  It's closer to my family and offers what my hubby loves to do as well as has room for growth.

He left before us to take the new job and to find his family a place to live.  It took him a while but he found something in our price range, in a nice neighborhood, with good schools, and only a mile away from family ❤ He really did an amazing job as this place is so much nicer than I was anticipating and as an added bonus we're also close to some of my old friends who have kids that are Kevin's age.

Leaving Florida behind is sad because a majority of our family and friends are there but we know we'll be back to visit one day. Kevin and James are already loving the change as we got to see snow last week! We all love the change of scenery and the cooler weather.  We might miss our family and friends in Florida but so far this has been a good change.  My hubby calls it our new chapter and that's what it is.

We're excited to see what 2017 holds in store for us!  So to everyone reading this may this year be your new chapter!

James' first time seeing snow

2 of my guys

View from our balcony

Playing in the snow

Snow angels

My cuties 😍

My favorite kids 💖

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