Friday, April 14, 2017

Happy 12th Birthday, Kev 💖

So no matter how much we wish that time would stop or that they would stop growing, they still continue to grow up. Kevin turned 12 on the 8th and I am still amazed by this lovely kid. He's so kind, smart, funny, and witty. He has a gift for making people laugh and for comforting those around him 💖 I am truly blessed to be his mom 💖

For his birthday we stayed home and celebrated with family. We had lasagna for dinner because he said if we have anything else it would be breaking tradition. We may not be in Florida anymore but he still got presents from our family 💖 And a few still called or texted him

He's an extraordinary boy and I feel so privileged to be his mom and to watch him grow. Sometimes I wish that time would pause but I guess that's what we have cameras for, so that for a moment time can stay still and we can revisit the fun memories 💖

I love you, Kev. You are a blessing and a miracle and there's not a thing I would change about you 😘

Nothing fancy. Homemade cake

Singing to the birthday boy

My handsome sons

Kevin with his gifts from his parents
and from the Morris'

Happy Birthday, Kev 💖 May this year be all that you want it to be 💖

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