Thursday, July 27, 2017

RIP, Grandpa

I've been slacking with writing lately. I've made some ambiguous posts on Twitter and I posted two songs on Facebook... if I texted you or if you're on Facebook then you know Jim's grandpa passed on 7/20. I came home from work and found Jim on our bed. He gave me the news.

Grandpa lost his battle to cancer. I've been listening to Taylor Swift's song Ronan, Gary Allan's Life Ain't Always Beautiful, and The Beatles' song In My Life. It helps. I just put them on repeat. To me they all speak of someone who is loved and who has died.

Grandpa was a good man. He always liked to help people, he spoke his mind, he was funny and witty, and he loved family above all else. He was a great man, a wonderful man. He accepted Kevin and I into the family right away. Helped us with our first and second homes. He and Grandma had us over to their house to go swimming, to play cards, to hang out, go out to eat, and for holidays.

He has done so much for our family and yet I can't believe he's really gone. The next time we see Grandma it will be without Grandpa. Breaks my heart. James will never remember him and Kevin won't have as many memories or stories to tell of Grandpa as I do. It's a bitter pill to swallow when you lose someone you love. You must learn to carry on without them as the world continues to turn. I hate death. I hate cancer. They always claim the people I love too soon. 💔💔💔💔

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